Hydraulic Hoses

Many Hose fittings in stock!

RYCO Fittings & Hoses

We currently are using RYCO fittings and hose. RYCO started manufacturing hose and fittings in 1946. As the hydraulic technology evolved, RYCO’s main product line became high-pressure hose and fittings. RYCO’s belief is “Higher Technology Equals Greater Performance” and they apply this throughout their company.

RYCO’s Mission Statement

Our Mission is to listen to our customers and deliver the highest quality and technologically superior fluid conveying connection products and solutions.

Hose Size Working Pressure PSI
1/4″ (#4) 420 Bar 6100
3/8″ (#6) 350 Bar 5100
1/2″ (#8) 350 Bar 5100
5/8″ (#10) 250 Bar 3600
3/4″ (#12) 215 Bar 3100
1″ (#16) 350 Bar 5100


Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

We Reseal Hydraulic Cylinders!

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

We can clean scratches off the inside diameter of the barrel to a point. We also have a little secret that allows us to repair gouges in the cylinder rod, which to the best of our knowledge has been 100% successful. We test all of our cylinders before they go out the door to make sure they will hold pressure.

Many seals in stock, so if you wish to reseal your cylinder yourself, just bring in your old seals and we will match them up.

Labor Rate per hour $95.

Minimum half- hour labor charge of $47.50 for repairs, diagnostics and etc.